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Building Energy Efficiency and Solar-Readiness

It was good to see the Sacramento Bee noticing the positive changes in energy efficiency standards put forward by the California Energy Commission recently. DECA commented on these proposed changes arguing that they did not go far enough – in particular that “solar ready” should include readily accessible mounting hardware for solar installations rather than […]
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Los Angeles Times piece on the cost of Net Energy Metering

The LA Times tomorrow publishes an article on Net Energy Metering. The article, by Michael Hiltzik, is pretty good at covering the issues and the big players on both sides of the equation.  One thing that it fails to do is address the disingenuous argument that Net Energy Metering favors the wealthy at the expense […]
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The grid’s easy button

I read an article today that talked about “difficulty settings” in the game of life, which got me to thinking about how hard or easy it is to do anything. This being the DECA website, I got to thinking about how hard it is to get more distributed generation on the grid. One thing that […]
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Vote Solar email campaign on Net Energy Metering in California

If you’re a Californian, please take a moment to help Vote Solar let the California Public Utilities Commission that you support an expanded definition of the Net Energy Metering (NEM) cap. Net Energy Metering allows customers to help pay for the cost of their rooftop photovoltaic system by selling electricity back to their utility “netting” their utility […]
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A reminder to check out your hourly usage data

A lot of us probably could stand to think a bit more about our electronic usage – it turns out that it’s really quite easy to do so. For all the bad rap that smart meters get, they really provide us with a great deal of information about how and when we use electricity. A […]
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