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Los Angeles Times piece on the cost of Net Energy Metering

The LA Times tomorrow publishes an article on Net Energy Metering. The article, by Michael Hiltzik, is pretty good at covering the issues and the big players on both sides of the equation.  One thing that it fails to do is address the disingenuous argument that Net Energy Metering favors the wealthy at the expense […]
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The grid’s easy button

I read an article today that talked about “difficulty settings” in the game of life, which got me to thinking about how hard or easy it is to do anything. This being the DECA website, I got to thinking about how hard it is to get more distributed generation on the grid. One thing that […]
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Vote Solar email campaign on Net Energy Metering in California

If you’re a Californian, please take a moment to help Vote Solar let the California Public Utilities Commission that you support an expanded definition of the Net Energy Metering (NEM) cap. Net Energy Metering allows customers to help pay for the cost of their rooftop photovoltaic system by selling electricity back to their utility “netting” their utility […]
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A reminder to check out your hourly usage data

A lot of us probably could stand to think a bit more about our electronic usage – it turns out that it’s really quite easy to do so. For all the bad rap that smart meters get, they really provide us with a great deal of information about how and when we use electricity. A […]
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DECA comments on calculating the California Net Energy Metering cap

Yesterday DECA filed comments at the California Public Utilities Commission on the calculation of the 5% cap on the amount of Net Energy Metering resources allowed in the state. Net Energy Metering (or NEM as it’s called by policy wonks and folks in the industry) is what allows owners of distributed generation (for example solar […]
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A lot of DG in a single place

Okay, not a single place, but in a single transaction. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article, Bank of America has agreed to provide complete funding for Solar City‘s SolarStrong project to the tune of $1B after the DoE failed to secure a loan guarantee for the project. The project is expected to result in […]
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Amory Lovins and Gordon Johnson sort of debate energy issues

Perhaps debate is the wrong word, but an interesting array if issues are raised, especially in the 2nd half of this clip The arguments are a bit complicated, but worth checking out. I will point out that Johnson appears to use the term “distributed” to refer to flexibility around the time of day of production […]
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Renewables surpass fossil energy investments, but take a closer look at the odds

This recent Bloomberg wire story in the LA Times points to research that renewables saw $30B more in investments than fossil fuels this year. The article references a Bloomberg New Energy Finance study, saying “Electricity from the wind, sun, waves and biomass drew $187 billion last year compared with $157 billion for natural gas, oil […]
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Interesting article on Smart Grid and Smart Meters

The Washington Post’s rather nice “energy” page (which I am fond of) links to a great article on smart grid promises and perils. The article quotes New Jersey PSE&G CEO Ralph Izzo as saying “Somehow all of us collectively decided to skip the low-hanging fruit and go for the top of the tree.” It’s not clear […]
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Welcome to the DECA blog!

We’re just getting things started here at DECA, at least on the blog front, but boy the places we’ll go! There are a few of us who will be blogging in this space over time, but Aram Shumavon, DECA’s director, will be holding down the fort the majority of the time. If you’re interested in […]
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