Goldman Sachs Pieces on Renewables and Clean Tech

Goldman Sachs recently released videos they produced as part of an ad campaign that focus on renewable energy and clean tech. In what I would consider typical Goldman fashion they’re not greenwashing or trying to trumpet their environmental commitment – they’re talking about making money (which as an investment bank is what they are supposed to do). The videos are definitely worth watching as they talk about energy and the economy in a number of countries around the world. This video with Brian Bosler, their COO for Renewables and Clean Tech, touches on a lot of issues including distributed generation. At some point he says “you can’t build a small coal plant in someone’s backyard, but solar is very different. You can put it up on a rooftop. You can put it in a town that you don’t have to build out large transmission systems [to].” What does any of this mean? I think the biggest issue is that it shows that energy consumption is about money, regardless of if you’re calling it “clean”, “alternative” or “renewable” rather than “dirty” or “carbon intensive”. So many people get hung up on the titles instead of focusing on the underlying issues. The one thing Goldman Sachs doesn’t get hung up on is anything other than money, so check out these videos and think about what it means from the perspective of someone that’s focused on the bottom line.
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