Monthly Archives: August 2012

Sharing your work is fun

The Internet is full of surprises. I happened to stumble upon a great DIY website called that allows folks to post their solar production data for anyone to check out. Most of the content is from Australia, where the site is based, but obviously the numbers are growing worldwide. In addition to output data, […]
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Goldman Sachs Pieces on Renewables and Clean Tech

Goldman Sachs recently released videos they produced as part of an ad campaign that focus on renewable energy and clean tech. In what I would consider typical Goldman fashion they’re not greenwashing or trying to trumpet their environmental commitment – they’re talking about making money (which as an investment bank is what they are supposed […]
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A One Hundred Percent Solar Country

The rather incredibly small country of Tokelau, which is somewhere beautiful between Hawaii and New Zealand recently announced it was going solar, they weren’t kidding. As reported by New Zealand 3 News they are flipping the switches on their inverters right about now and giving up on their $1,000,000/year diesel habit that had been keeping […]
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