Heat Exchangers and Investments for Saving Energy

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated sources for saving on one’s energy bill is a heat exchanger. ¬† The basic idea of a heat exchanger is to take an existing source of heat (from air or water), concentrate it, and pass air over it to provide heat for a home. ¬†Conveniently, they can work in reverse for cooling in some situations too. I recently visited a house in northern Michigan that takes advantage of Michigan’s reduced electricity rate for heat exchangers – paying less than five cents per kW for a heat exchanger that also doubles as an air conditioner in the summer. ¬†Michigan’s DTE Energy has a good description of how it works on their geothermal systems page. Heat exchangers work throughout the country – from Southern California to Nothern Michigan. They more than pay for themselves in energy savings over the life of equipment and in many areas qualify for other incentives such as tax credits and special lower electricity rates. Of course, there are even cheaper ways of doing it if you’re willing to give up on aesthetics!
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