Los Angeles Times piece on the cost of Net Energy Metering

The LA Times tomorrow publishes an article on Net Energy Metering. The article, by Michael Hiltzik, is pretty good at covering the issues and the big players on both sides of the equation.  One thing that it fails to do is address the disingenuous argument that Net Energy Metering favors the wealthy at the expense of the poor.  In particular there is no reference to Power Purchase Agreement providers who provide the upfront capital costs for installation. The article also fails to rebut the borderline absurd claims that Net Energy Metering discourages conservation.  I’ll likely post more in the coming weeks on the potential role of distributed generation in encouraging conservation so keep your eyes and mind open for that soon. Happily, the piece does provide a link to Tom Beach’s very good research arguing that the “cost” of  Net Energy Metering has been overstated by millions of dollars. If you’re not in California, these issues are still very real – especially for residents of the 46 other states and the District of Columbia that have some form of Net Energy Metering.  Heck, I suppose folks in Mississippi, South Dakota, and Tennessee care too, since they’ve been left out of the NEM fun.
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