A lot of DG in a single place

Okay, not a single place, but in a single transaction. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article, Bank of America has agreed to provide complete funding for Solar City‘s SolarStrong project to the tune of $1B after the DoE failed to secure a loan guarantee for the project. The project is expected to result in around 300MW of PV on the roofs of military housing across the United States. Doing the math in a back of the envelope sort of way the cost of the DG PV comes in at right around twice the cost of a combined cycle natural gas power plant on a MW to MW basis. Of course the PV has no fuel costs (while a combined cycle plant does) but is capable of running only when the sun is up (while a combined cycle plant can run whenever it’s profitable to do so) so it’s hard to make a full comparison in terms of MW-hours or avoided costs. Regardless, it’s a lot of Distributed Generation coming to the grid in the next five years, especially in a single transaction.
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