DECA is here to help you take charge of your energy infrastructure.

We are a technology neutral nonprofit organization that advocates for residential and small commercial customers seeking to exercise their control over energy infrastructure investments. Want solar on your roof or a wind turbine on your farm? We do too. By helping to reduce costs and barriers to cleaner energy opportunities, we make it easier for everyone to make their own electricity. By advocating for progressive energy policies, we empower this transformative class of customers before they have become energy producers and once they are making electricity. We provide a voice through advocacy of relevant policies across the nation. We interconnect this customer base to facilitate community self-determination and energy independence. And we offer services and support through advancement of quality research. We are building the foundation of what we hope will be a vibrant online community that provides resources to people interested in making their own electricity and better controlling its use. That magic happens in our forums so if you’re a person who knows and cares about things like distributed generation, rooftop solar, and electric vehicles, please participate – the community is strengthened by numbers. Everyone is welcome, including people who are new to the subject and have questions, and of course, it’s free to joinall you have to do is become a member of DECA to post to the forums. If you have questions ask us. There’s a lot going on and we look forward to seeing more of you.